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Captain August’s log book


021 Monday, November 27, 2017 Mindelo Harbour, São Vincente, Cabo Verde. 24º59´333´´ North, 016º53´026´´ West BACK TO BASIC It feels like the ship sails a century backwards into history, chucking modernity rapidly overboard. Daylight lasts from seven to seven and telebanking, electricity, clockworks, news, agendas and garb quickly become a sideshow. Staple food on this […]


020 Thursday, November 16, 2017 Mindelo Harbour, São Vincente, Cabo Verde. 24º59´333´ North, 016º53´026´´ West SURRENDED BY WRECKS Since leaving Amsterdam more than three months ago, the Fools seem condemned to continuously waggling the waves. The fate of a flying Dutchman. Only the harbour master of Illa de Arousa stealthly conceded a mooring of four days […]


The Captain’s Black Log Book 019 Monday, October 30, 2017 Valle Gran Rey, Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain. 28º24´30´´ North, 0016º57´52´´ West FOOD . The Fools finally arrive at their eternal summer. The pilot boat of San Sebastián harbour, on the Canarian island Gomera, gracefully escorts the ship to a deserted beach with pristine waters. Playa […]


018 Tuesday, October 10, 2017 At 3 hours from San Sebastián, Canary Islands, Spain. 28º24´30´´ North, 0016º57´52´´ West FAREWELL TO EUROPE ! The world trip finally gets going. Departure again was postponed for about a week, for many a last minute ajustment, for meteorological reasons and for the petrol station running out of diesel, scandalously […]


017 Wednesday, September 27, 2017 Illa de Arousa, Galicia, Spain. 42º34´54´´ North, 008º52´58´´ West About a month ago the Fools arrived, exhausted, to this island and the locals required a relaunch of the fool’s spectacle as they remembered nineteen years earlier. Right they proved to be. A whole range of elements conspired to realize their […]


016 Sunday, September 2017 Illa de Arousa, Galicia, Spain. 42º34´54´´ North, 008º52´58´´ West Mar Tenebroso A ship at anchor is a universe of sound and motion, gently rocked by the winds and waves. Time gradually loses sense, the days slowly overflow. Each morning the clouds greet us in a thousand shades of changing grey. The […]


014 Tuesday, August 22, 2017 Ilja de Arousa, Galicia, Spain. 42º34´116´´ North, 008º51´506´´ West For five years the Fools were engaged in making theatre and cabaret in the Basque country and later in Amsterdam. Now, to hop the continents, attention quickly shifts to the ship, the old lady herself who badly needs more attention than […]


013 Sunday, August 13, 2017 Coopérative Maritime Dunkerque, France 52º02´55´´ North, 002º22´178´´ East HASTEN SLOWLY Last week on Saturday, the Fools gloriously set sail on their eternal foolish pilgrimage, most likely never to return to their home town. We took proud pictures against the back drop of the icons EYE and Central Station, until the […]


The Captain’s Black Log Book 012 Friday, August 4, 2017 The Blue Square, NDSM, Amsterdam 52º23´591´´ North, 004º53´522 East OPPORTUNITIES Like on the huge East Indiamen that used to sail to the orient, the captain on the Ship of Fools has his quarters on the back deck – and his retrograde porthole astern. His horizon […]