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Sept 12, 2021
The Beaching of the Ship
00°57’226” S, 80°48’376” W
It’s a miracle that the centenary ship Azart has sailed for more then thirty years despite countless dangers.
It’s a miracle she ends on a South American beach like a contemporary Temple of Folly.
The miracle is that the city of Manta has cleared a spot for the ship on the beach of a fisherman’s hamlet.
The miracle is that the energetic theater group “Humor y Vida” embraces this project.
With the 220 person tribune and a professional beamer, it became the local cultural centre,
a neighbourhood cinema, a village theatre, a youth center, a museum and a top turist attraction.
With 10 cabins it’s an artist residence that attracts, like a magnet, artists from the entire South American continent.


The Amsterdam “Azart Square” is not named after a dead admiral but its
history is an actual story, told by Ecuadorian artists on “Playa Azart”

 Paty & Shana, members of the “Buque Azart!” run by the theater company “Humor y Vida”

For the Cultural Centre “Buque Azart” on the beach in Ecuador

The Theater “Buque Azart” collaborates with the Amsterdam Plein Theater


Azart” ! Een filosofische roman over de teloorgang – en de toekomst – van Europa,
verpakt als kluchtige avonturenverhaal met trekjes van een detective.
Geschreven en geïllustreerd door Maxim Kantor en uit het Russisch vertaald door Lena Hemmink. 

ISBN 9789464028768   248 Pagina’s   19×26 cm   1200 gr.   25.00 €   Bestellen

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“Azart – The Ship of Fools”, a colourful photo-artbook that honours the millenary history of The Ship of Fools,
the centenary fishing vessel and the thirty years of an erratic theatre company.
ISBN 9789090325613   248 Pagina’s   16.7×24.5 cm   25.00 €   To buy