Welcome Aboard the Ship of Fools

digizaal 22 Apr , 2017


Monday, September 30, 2019 Azart
arrived at Portobelo, Panama


In 1770 Captain Cook landed in Australia which heralded the colonization of the continent. This proved to be a story of abuse that destroyed an age-old civilization. Australia now is a prosperous country that seeks a reconciliation with his tormented past. The commemoration of Captain’s Cook arrival 250 years ago is a great opportunity for a symbolic restitution to the original inhabitants of the continent they enjoyed for the 60.000 years before. It would be a symbolic recognition for the values with which they cared for their lands. The magnitude and speed of the expropriation and the vastness of the country itself calls for a solemn but grand ceremony. Invited by the elders, the Ship of Fools sets sail In October 2020 to the Uluru. She sails on wheels as the apotheoses of the millenary history of the Ship of Fools and her carnavalesque traditions. She crosses the desert as a passage through hell for a purification ritual at the foot of the Holy Mountain. Aboriginal and Australian artists join the journey to share the jubilant celebration of the restitution of the ancient rights.

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Join the Ship of Fools
to the Other Side of the World

Azart – The Ship of Fools is an independent theater group
sailing on a one way voyage to the Southern Hemisphere
– to cross the Australian desert on wheels
as the apotheosis of the millenial history of The Ship of Fools.
Their Journey is an Eternal Festive Pilgrimage in Praise of Folly ..

The crew presents in many a harbor a Festival of Fools
as a community project and international artist residence.
We believe humor connects and transcends our differences.
We celebrate life and the joy of living through theater, art and poetry.
Join the Fools, by taking part as as artist and fellow traveler.
Join the Fools by sharing our virtual logbook about the adventures.