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013 Sunday, August 13, 2017 Coopérative Maritime Dunkerque, France 52º02´55´´ North, 002º22´178´´ East HASTEN SLOWLY Last week on Saturday, the Fools gloriously set sail on their eternal foolish pilgrimage, most likely never to return to their home town. We took proud pictures against the back drop of the icons EYE and Central Station, until the […]


The Captain’s Black Log Book 012 Friday, August 4, 2017 The Blue Square, NDSM, Amsterdam 52º23´591´´ North, 004º53´522 East OPPORTUNITIES Like on the huge East Indiamen that used to sail to the orient, the captain on the Ship of Fools has his quarters on the back deck – and his retrograde porthole astern. His horizon […]


Where Are The Fools ???? At 57 Seamiles South of the Equator ! 00°57’226” S, 80°48’376” W San Mateo, Manta, Ecuador .Arrival at Puerto Pesquero, San Mateo, Ecuador: Sunday, August 28, 2021 at 8.15 pm 00º57´226´´ South, 080º48´376´´ West Departure from Esmeraldas: Saturday, August 27 at 8 am. Arrival at Puerto Pesquero, Esmeraldas, Ecuador: Tuesday, […]