The ship sailed to the Basque country invited by the committee of Donostia-San Sebastian Cultural Capital of Europe 2016. We would start a long-time cooperation. At that stage the Cultural Capital was the pride of the country and the committee run by artists. We were there to engage the poor harbour district that anyhow would be forgotten, to the festivities of the Cultural Capital. The day upon arrival we sailed to the old harbour of San Sebastian, to participate at the finale of the national Basque passion: the rowing races. We kept a distance but were easily repaired by the crowds and the TV-camera’s in the helicopter. At the press conference in the garden on the after-deck they were all there: the committee, the harbour and city authorities, the newspapers and again the TV. The Fools opened a Friday night theatre cabaret, a monthly ‘Theatrical Visit to the Ship’ and, for the Christmas holidays, a satiric play for children, very entertaining for adults.

“L’Éloge De La Folie”

A grotesque comedy

Francia, España, Euskal Herria:

Port Saint Louis du Rhône, Vilagarcia de Arousa (Galicia), Pasaia


A One-Way Voyage to Lucidity
Vilagarcía, Spain. Voz de Galicia, 27-08-2012


Press Galicia

Press Pasaia Arrival






“La Farce Enfantine De La Tête Du Dragon”
A comedy


Staged by Beatrice Insa and fiveteen amateurs-inhabitants  from the 13th arrondissement in Marseille

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