The biggest pleasure of this summer was performing in the old harbour of Marseille, down town. Everything went OK. Every night full house. Every night we had to moor the ship at anchor, with the stern to the quay. And we painted the ship in a razzle dazzle camouflage, in the medieval colours of foolishness: yellow and green. The home town Port Saint Louis has some nice festivals but is small, and isolated, only accessible from the North. Not a public to sustain a theatre company. The leaving proved to be difficult, stuck in the mud of the river. And the Fools, by lack of routine, lost their anchor! The echo-sounder vessel of the Marseille Harbour Authorities easily found it but the divers of the Gendarmerie National Maritime, on an agreed exercise routine, couldn’t retrieve it from under the mud. An identical anchor we found attached to the wreck that was for years our neighbour. The anchor chain, virtually impossible to find elsewhere, appeared spare under the anchor room. E La Nave Va!

“L’Éloge De La Folie”
A grotesque comedy
The Praise of Folly
Martigues, Marseille, Veux Port, Banyuls-sur-Mer, Grau du Roi, Port Camargue, Port Saint Louis du Rhône

Video Spectacle

The Opportunity (l’Hazard) Does Things Well
Marseille, France. La Marseillaise, 28-07-2011

Design by Renaud Arrighi
 “Le Grand Théâtre de la Vie”
The Big Theatre of Life
A Comedy by Fellini, Ionesco, De Felippo, Arrabal
Staged by Beatrice Insa and sixteen amateurs-inhabitants from the 13th arrondissement in Marseille

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