The Fools found a base in the little harbour town of Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, at the mouth of the Rhône. By a convention with the communist Lord Mayor, the ship would stay in winter in the Communal harbour while in summer, when not sailing, she would be moored at the majestic Rhône, the French cloaca, excellent swimming water. Pelican’s flow over, just like in Levkada. The town accommodates a top art pyrotechnic company and a famous theatre company specialized in water works. It became quickly clear that of all the Mediterranean, and beyond, France is the most open to the street arts. We didn’t guess that, 13 years earlier, when the ship visited the region for the first time. That must have been because of the customs officers. Their incessant controls spoilt all appetite to visit their country. We were wrong. We moored at their custom’s barracks and became big friends. We’ve had these officers drunken on board. We went demonstrating with their trade union. But by now, helas, the good times have passed in France and the budgets are squeezed out.


  “Sindbad Le Marin”
A satirical music comedy

France: Martigues, Propiano (Corse), Bonifacio (Corse), Ajaccio (Corse), Seyne-sur-Mer,
Grau du Roi, Port Saint Louis du Rhône, L’Éstaque (Marseille)


“Medea Material”
A contemporary tragedy by Heiner Müller. By Bea Insa (Spain). Directed by Tahar Klibi (Tunis)
France, Spain
Port Saint Louis du Rhône, Barcelone

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