The Fools survived their last Greek winter on the island of Lefkada by serving a three-course meal and theatre for the English and German inhabitants, mostly yachtsmen. They paid in advance, for the crew to be able to buy the food. The local fine fleur, especially in winter, would escape to Athens and those left behind didn’t dream to come. Again, it was an exotic spot, at the foot of a Venetian castle and only a few sea miles from where Cleopatra lost the sea battle and her empire. The harbour master insisted that the Fools, in spite of not having money, were drug dealers and only gave permission for the farewell performance by the intervention of the Lord Mayor. In the next town the Harbour Master forbade the construction of the seating arena, which provoked the indignation of the public who loudly protesting besieged the officials. The Fools decided to undertake the 8-day trip to Marseille, a harbour at a few miles from the city centre. Here the Algerian mafia burned the captain’s bicycle, as a notice of burning the ship for not paying protection. Happily the Cultural Director of the City District originated from the same Kabylian mountains and knew the extortionists from childhood.

“Ιασωνας Και Oι Αργοναýτες”
A Comic Music Theatre
Jason and The Argonautes
Greece, France
Levkade, Preveza, Vasiliki, Meganisi, Kalamos, Zakynthos, L’Estaque (Marseille)
An exposition of photo’s and theatre costums in the cultural centre ARTiria in Lefkas, Greece
“L´Extraordinaire Monsieur Jourdain”
A Comedy by Michail Bulgakov
The Extraordinary Mister Jourdain
Staged by Bea Insa and sixteen amateur-actors from the 13th arrondissement in Marseille

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