The Fools got a brand new 250 persons seating area that replaced the waggling semicircle dating from the forties or earlier. It became increasingly more difficult to get a permission for it. Last millennium things surely were a lot easier! And the Fools got an 18 meters of red canvas with ten letters, I AMSTERDAM, to seal their status of ambassadors of the hometown. The tour of the islands went on. Much later, the Corsicans would steal the canvas..

“Ιασωνας Και Η Μαγηκη Αναζητηση”
A Comic Musical Theatre
Jason and Magic Quest

Syros, Hermopolis, Volos, Alexandropoulis, Moudrons, Naxos,
Evdilos et Agio Kirikos (Ikaria), Rethymno, Héracleion, Poros,
Itea, Messologi, Keffalonia, Ithaca, Lefkada.


 Azart showed around her seating an 18×2 meter banner of Iamsterdam in 15 Greek cities and islands. Azart, as a product and promoter of Amsterdam maritime traditions, reflects the City of Amsterdam as an unique blend of old and new, a cosmopolitan meeting place, a creative mix of water and culture
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Rethimnon, Crete. February 8
Episode 159 of the weekly Captain’s Log Book in the Scheveningsche Courant
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