Arrived the most blessing time for the Fools: touring islands. Islands traditionally are turned to their harbour that is their connection with the outer world. On islands, news spread fast: The Fools Have Landed! Islands are little republics, with their own little laws. At the Malta Art Festival the show had to pass the Church’s permission. And their harbour was for plutocrats like Job Steven. We had to dress our tires not to spoil the quay. But the Fools were the only ones to be moored with full length alongside. Our neighbours, for all their helicopters and jet scooters, had to prop their poops against the quay. Some had some plants but nobody a garden. At the Art Festival of Herakleion, Crete’s capital, there were three theatre directors, including the Festival’s director, who confessed that their biggest dream always had been to tour with a theatre ship. With her many islands, Greece certainly has a potential for that. Except, the time of the big Greek sailors apparently long had gone. By now, the Ship of Fools was approaching the twenty years of sailing of the Odyssey..

Canterbury Tales
A satirical music comedy

 Catalunya, Italy, Malta, Greece
Palamós, Mataró, Barcelona, Isola Marettima, Mazara del Vallo, Pantellería, Malta, Pozzallo, Taranto, Heraklion, Rethymno, Hermoupolis (Syros)

A Travel to … Laughter
Heraklein, Crete, Greece. Nea Kriti, 23-08-2007
postcards 2007

Reportage 2007 by Erik Hendriks, 18 short movies of about 5 min

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