Since the Russian inland waters were closed to navigation we had to go by the Atlantic Ocean to reach South Africa, our new destination. The idea was first to tour the Mediterranean. Once there, the money proved too little to think about leaving. Moreover, it would have been quite crazy to leave so early, surrounded by an overwhelming scenery. As on the Baltic Sea the crew met with Lord Mayors as well as with the inmates of some high security prisons and mad houses. Here ‘Mad House’ describes matters better then ‘Psychiatrical Institute’. Differently with the Baltic, the trip became an archaeological – and culinary exploration as well. The last shows were in the biblical harbour town of Acco, in Israel – for a public of Uzi’s. The only way to reach the harbour was walking through the Arab soukh of the town and since by another political incident the tension just had risen, hardly a Jewish visitor dared to cross it to see the show. We played for our armed guards. Our prospective Arab spectators were more interested in looking at the girls taking their shower on the deck.

“In Praise of Folly”
A satirical music comedy
Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Israël
Amsterdam, Dunkerk, Bilbao, Castro Urdialis, Ferrol, Laxe, Porto, Cadiz, Marbella, Almería, Olbia, Trapani, Palermo, Siracusa, Molfetta, Monopoli, Termoli, Lipari, Catania, Mesologgi, Acco
 The Floating Babel of the Fools
Cádiz, Spain. El País, 23-06-1996
The Amsterdam Art Foundation commissioned artist Jos Smeets to redesign The Ship of Fools
He put a real oak as mast, a sound organ and four church bells in the mizzen mast

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