In those days, Catalonia had its own, national, alternative, theatre-company, called “La Fura del Baus” (The Fury of the Bull). They sailed their own, national, alternative, theatre ship, called “Naumon” (The Ship of the World), that was officially adopted by the Presidents’ Wife Herself. Alongside this huge ship the Fools found a mooring and protection. The Chance and Crash Meeting Point experienced there such a dazzling revival that by the excess of visitors the harbour police had to close the premises. By now, the Naumon is lost somewhere in a harbour along the Rhine, with no rights to sail. By now, the former President is unmasked as the godfather of the National Catalan maffia and his wife as the ‘mother superior’ who cashed millions. By now, that mooring in the Barcelona harbour is a posh dependence of the Hermitage Museum next to a posh hotel. But Azart still sails and still bears proudly her name: La Nef des Fous et du Monde (The Ship of Fools and of the World), as runs the title of the first French translation (1497) of the book The Shyp of Folys.


“The World Turned Upside Down”
A satirical music comedy

 Italia, Malta, Baleares
Pantelleria, Favignana, Ustica, Malta, Palermo, Castellmare del Golfo, Formentera
Travelling the Sea of Surprises
Malta. The Weekender, 19-08-2006
“Shipwrecked in the Fun Farm”
A satirical music comedy
 Spain: Tarragona, Barcelona
Crazy For The Theatre And The Sea
Formentera, Spain. Diario de Ibiza, 19-09-2006

“One hour of Death”

Daniil Charms, a black theatre. By Robbie Baars



The Shipyard in Tarragona taughted the Fools that driving the ship is not difficult

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