Schluraffenland is the same country as Narragonia, the dreamed destination of the Ship of Fools. Did they reach destination? Some of the crew went to the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary, in the Czech Republic, to witness the jubilant first run of Germán’s melo-docudrama. At film festivals it seems to be customary that after ten minutes a third of the public runs out of the audience and Karlovy made no exemption. The best comment came late at night from a Czech who identified the Fool’s trip to Narragonia with his 25 years fight against communism. In the meantime the judge decided the Fools were guilty. A ticket of forty-odd thousand euros. On condition that this stayed a secret they would accept half of it. And the Fools did pay it! Their parties payed for it. The ship sails again. Only, their lawyer wanted the other half. When he didn’t get all of it, he impounded the ship again. Before the crew knew this, they were already thousand of miles away, searching for Narragonia.

“The Would-Be Gentleman”
Molière, a black comedy
Scheveningen, Amsterdam 

“The Bald Primadonna”
Ionesco, a black comedy


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