In a vain attempt to raise some money the Fools thought it a good idea to undertake a five-day trip back to Helsinki, where they’d experienced such a thunderous success seven years earlier. The arrival was planned to coincide with a press conference that proved quite spectacular: while in the hold the Saratov Trio Baroque played the Azart tunes to journalists and the City’s Cultural Chiefs, the whole ship was invaded with drug officers and drug dogs that actually found some forgotten crumbs in the pockets of some sailors. Vainly, vainly. Finland experienced such dog days of extremely high temperatures that the whole city, including our public, had escaped to the lakes and their datcha’s. Some thousands of naked people, assembled by an art photographer, said us good-bye when we left early morning. Later that summer we made a 30-minute trip to perform on an ADM party in the Western Docks of Amsterdam that was most fun but that didn’t raise money either.

The Fools At Sea Live Happily
Mariehamn, Finland. Åland, 27-08-2002

“Otto Fidelio Broomstick Jr. Dreamzz”

A satirical music comedy

Finland, Holland

Helsinki, Turku, Mariehamn, Amsterdam


An Absurdly Funny Imagination on the Ship of Fools
Mariehamn, Finland. Åland, 28-08-2002

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