Being back on Azart Square, again the fine fleur of Amsterdam performing artists passed by the ship’s hold. Now the question was to fight the electricity-company NUON that had the ship impounded. At least, at the expense of a very expensive lawyer, the ship could continue to sail, under conditions. That summer she sailed to the Waddenzee, passing Alkmaar again, for some film shots with the ship grounded at low tide. The Chilean director Germán Berger Herz was preparing a documentary and wanted the Fools walking around their ship. Back home, to put some pressure to the NUON, about two hundreds of Fools held a demonstration to the Amsterdam Court that filled up the public audience. The captain had his own court case, for sailing without license. Before attending the court he quickly passed his multiple-choice exams, flabbergasted how dangerously easy they were. He got acquitted but the lawyer’s fee easily exceeded the possible fines. At last the ship got a licensed Fools as captain.

 “La Tombola”

A satirical music comedy
Amsterdam, Waddenzee

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