For the first – and yet last – time in their history the Fools had their ship’s chest full of money. They’d sailed to Reykjavik, Cultural Capital of Europe, where they politely dismissed the last tons of fuel, by having the bunkers filled. No, no, no, thank you! They sailed a joy lap around Ireland, they headed the Sail Parade to Amsterdam. The Lord Mayor of Alphen, where ship and motor has been build, welcomed them; the Lord Mayor of The Hague wrote that their return to former homeport Scheveningen illustrated the importance and beauty of this port. Untill Alkmaar. Since the nautical maps of the region were sold out, the captain consulted an XVII-th century map that evidently oversaw some changes. The ship got stuck in the mud. It took the valance of an Admiral de Ruyter, who broke the chains over the Thames, to maneuverer to ship back on route. Much later it became clear that these manoeuvres provoked the breaking of an electricity cable which plunged a whole island in the dark. The farmers couldn’t milk their cows. The arresting officer regretted his miserable job in his miserable boat and would have loved to join the crew. Again the ship – now with her chest, was impounded.

“The History of Humanity In One Hour”
  A satirical music comedy
Ireland, Iceland, Holland
Youghal, Reykjavik, Cork, Baltimore, Rathmullan, Tory Island, Castletownbere, Oude Schild, Kampen, IJmuiden, SAIL Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Alphen a/d Rijn, Dordrecht, Scheveningen, Amsterdam, Alkmaar
Sea-faring Crew Are No Fools
Corc, Ireland. Evening Echo, 23-06-2000

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