All these years we sailed with a ‘borrowed’ captain, a friend or guest with a captain’s licence who would take the responsibility for sailing. But we run out of them. When time came to leave the Moroccan fishing village Al-M’Diq there was no one left, so the Fools took the helm themselves. It took quite some trouble to insist not to take the drugs. It took some years before a Portuguese Harbour Master dared to ask for the papers but he was too short of stature not to be intimidated. So the Fools sailed on. When preparing for winter in the Mallorca port Portocolom we spend weeks making a special anchor to have the ship moored at bay. We bought and welded the steel, taking the advice of New-Zealand sailors and dismissing the warning of the local fishermen. The first storm proved them right. At five in de morning the ship invaded the local fish farm. The next days showed an unusual activity of enthusiast fishermen all around the bay. But the ship was impounded again. Except, nobody could count the escaped fish. Except, with no anchor or quay to stay, there’s nothing to impound. So the Fools were invited to leave port. The town, proud to be the pretended birthplace of Columbus, has no grudge against great sailors and was happy to receive the Fools next summer again for their spectacle.

 “The Buffoons’ Gluttony”
A satirical music comedy

Spain, Morocco, France
Algeciras, Gibraltar, Al-M/Diq, Roses, Port-Leucate, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Denia, Cartagena, La Olla de Altea, Palamós, L’Estartit, Benicarló, L’Escala, Mao, Portocolom, Alcudia

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