To All To Whom These Writings May Come,
We Send Greetings!
To the illustrious, very illustrious, very powerful and wise lords, emperors, kings, republicans, princes, dukes and counts, mayors, sheriffs, councillors, judges and rulers of all the good cities and places, ecclesiastical as well as worldly, we request to welcome the captain of
registrated in the Rotterdam ship register, belonging to the Cultural Foundation “Friends Of Azart” in Amsterdam,
to receive him, his ship and crew courteously and to offer him appropriate hospitality, permitting him to sail, according to local laws, in your harbours, rivers and dominions.Given in Amsterdam, March,
Nineteen-hundred ninety-five,
Schelto Patijn,

Lord Mayor of Amsterdam.

Given in Al Hoceima, Morocco,
14 September Two-Thousand Five,
Job Cohen,
Lord Mayor of Amsterdam
Given in Amsterdam,
6 June Two-Thousand thirteen,
Eberhard van der Laan,
Lord Mayor of Amsterdam
Schelto Patijn, the Mayor of Amsterdam, presented first the captain & crew of the “Azart” with an XVIII-century Ship Letter, a copy of those used to give to their captains. By courtesy of the Amsterdam Maritime Museum.

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