CIRC foundation flourished extremely well, engaged with a cultural artist exchange between Russian and Amsterdam artists. About 15 students of Russian literature of the Amsterdam University were engaged as guide, interpreter, translator, travel manager, investigator or art collector. A big squat in the Amsterdam port was equipped to host visiting Russian artists. One of the highlights was the organisation of an exhibition of erotic art, the first in Russian history, in the “School of Dramatic Art” of theatre director Anatoly Vasiliev, the only one who wasn’t afraid to host this exhibition. In the meantime, some Russian artists already made some artworks about a still non-existing ship named “CIRC”. Problem: the new collaborators of the Amsterdam University were not at all interested in a seaworthy circus-ship. That made it necessary to look for a new organisation and a new name.

 Painting by Gosha Ostretsov

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