Recensie Theatre Show HASTEN SLOWLY 

The Incredibly Long & Amazing Voyage
of the Hasten Slowly

Azart presents her farewell show in Amsterdam, just before setting sail on an everlasting world tour. It is a location theatre performance, with the magnificent ship as grand stage and the centre of town as background. The theatre raises metaphysical questions like: Where are we? Where are we going to? What are we looking for? This performance is about a search for immaterial riches and the curiosity to surrender oneself to the unknown. In a number of visual scenes we see the struggle of the group versus the individual.

The “Hasten Slowly” touches the dubious side of Amsterdam’s history through the unexpected encounter with Anansi, the cheeky spider man that for centuries has travelled between the continents. Anansi confronts a group of travellers on a barren journey with “Things”, “Time” and a “Phantom Reality”. 

A Collective Opus.

The Crew:

Berith Danse

Adrián Ormeño
August Dirks
Axe Zaal
Eliakim Suriam
Freddy Gruizinga
Frédéric Vellen
Guilly Koster
Jakob Nieuwenhuijsen
Julie Rebout
Merante van Amersfoort
Nerea Moratalla

Arthur Rendu
Amaia Irazabal

Krien Jozeph

Bastiaan Lipsicus

Movement advise:
Violeta Gago

Marja de Vries

Video documentatie:
Ángel Hernández

Isw Theatre Embassy