• Feels good being back

    Feels good being back

    After many years we arrived back in Amsterdam




Azart the Ship of Fools is an itinerant group of artists
that in the summer of 2017

sets sail

on an endless festive pageant around the world

on a quest to the quintessence of the universality of humour and folly.


Come & Celebrate 

Their Farewell Festival of Fools

(July 14-23)  

on the NDSM in Amsterdam-North






The Blue Square

NDSM, Next to Noorderlicht

 The Ship Azart in front of Amsterdam Central Station, Sept 2016

Foto: Jasper Schuringa



The ship is being equipped as a contemporay East Indiaman

for a one way voyage to the East

From summer 2017 Azart presents her Festival of Fools on several continents

as a permanent Artist in Residence

This becomes a modern seaman's saga, told in many media by many an artist


see: Facebook AzartShipofFools


 The Ship Azart in Hazzle Dazzle near Barcelona, Sept 2011


Purveyors to the Fool's Household
Fournisseurs de la Cour des Fous
Proveedores de la Corte de los Locos
Hofleveranciers der Zotten



Admiraal van Kinsbergen Fonds




Er is al genoeg ellende in de wereld.
Wij kunnen zotheid wel waarderen en leveren jullie graag alle blauwe verf voor de Blauwe Schuit. 
There's enough misery in the world.
We appreciate folly and deliver you with pleasure the blue paints for the Ship of Fools. 



Gustosamente os ayudaremos. Os deseamos que vuestra gira sea un éxito! 

Somos grandes admiradores del Bosco. El Bosco se adelantó 5 siglos al surrealismo, ¡una maravilla!

We help you with pleasure. We wish your tour to be a succes!

We're big admirers of Hieronymus Bosch who anticipated surrealism for five centuries. Marvellous! 

HEMPEL Barcelona. World Leading Coating Supplier 



Wij houden van iedereen die de klomp een warm hart toedraagt

We love all those who love clogs


 A group of artist setting sail for a fair trade alternative

 Qui est plus heureux,  le philosophe ou le cochon ?

Who is the most happy, the philosopher or the pig ?

(Jet Nijkamp)

 Erasmus of Rotterdam, crashed from his pedestal in Rotterdam