“The film stole my heart, it is about what is really important in life: courage, connection, seeing life as an adventure and all with a lot of positive humor… If this film doesn’t touch you then I don’t know what will…” Miry

“What a great documentary you have made!
I didn’t know this story. The protagonist, organizer of all this wonderful thing, storyteller, effortlessly speaking many languages, and now I forget much, much more, is one of the most fascinating people I have ever seen. I watched with my mouth open the entire time.”  Johan Timmers

“If there is one film that honestly reflects what it is like to live with the day and fate, it is Azart – Come Make Art. Something that is almost impossible to find in the wild: the feeling of freedom to go wherever you want and spread your creative ideas without restrictions. At least that is what the people on board the Azart are aiming for, but which cannot always be met in this world with imposed rules and restrictions. Perseverance, enjoyment of the simple, obvious things in life and belief in your life’s mission were most aroused in me after seeing this film. A gem made at sea.”
  Corine Twisk

“Moving, inspiring, “what life is about”, heart-warming, “you wish you were as brave as….A gem…

August is completely himself in a loving, non-judgmental way! August for president!”  Mary

Great document… chase your dream… rare beautiful film… unique in every way..” Rob Bastiaansen

“By complete accident, my husband and I watch the film on Saturday June 1 at the theater. We enjoyed the film so much, but we responded beyond belief when you arrived at the end of the film!! We are happy to know that at least one person in this world has lived the life they chose for many many years. The film showed us that you had quite an adventure with your whole life and plenty of fun. Sometimes people get enslaved by the things they own. You never let that happen to you! We salute you, August!” Debra Faust-clancy

“This documentary is fantastic in every sense of the word. Inspiring and enchantingly beautiful!” Wiel

“You have created a beautiful story in the documentary. I also kept wondering why I had completely missed his existence. But he deserves to be in the spotlight with the transgressive and connecting art.” Rinske

“What a wonderful documentary movie of such an amazing positive happening! Very inspiring!” Kao

It is a beautiful and worthy film about hope and perseverance and crazy projects that ultimately succeed! It also has very beautiful images of an Amsterdam time long ago. When we were still small and our city was still messy and without tourism. Enjoy this beautiful document. An unlikely and adventurous story from Amsterdam and beautifully made.”  Stanja van Mierlo

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