About the filmmakers

Masha Novikova
“I lived and sailed on the ship in the 1980s. I took everything seriously, all problems and obstacles seemed dramatic to me. August taught me to see things differently. Lighter. Everything will work itself out, he often said. Yet later I made many documentaries that tell about war, dictatorships, misery and struggle. That was successful for my career, but pointless for society: the wars and misery have not disappeared. This film is my first comedy documentary, in which I would like to sing about the lightness of being.

Annike Kaljouw
Since 2017 I have been following the ship with my film camera. In Cape Verde I saw how quickly August made contact with the locals and how the ship exerted a magnetic force on so many different people. August strikes a universal chord.
In a world where much is determined by money and economic success, August has not chosen a life of luxury. He wanted to sail the VOC route, he said. But in a different way:
“This time we don’t come to steal and kill, but to play and share.”
It touched me to see how much joy and wonder the ship brought to everyone who came to visit it. And it still is: because it now sits elegantly on an Ecuadorian beach and serves as a theater.
The ship that symbolizes making dreams come true, connection with the world around you and unconventional adventure.”

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